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Know tomorrow's trends today!

Today, consumer trends come and go faster than ever. Companies are faced with the challenge of recognizing what is hot or what is going to be junk faster than the entire market. Trend scouting is out!

Classic trend scouting methods such as trade fair visits, social listening and all other tools certainly have their raison, as they reflect “just in time” opinions to which we can react.

But this reaction is exactly the point in time when it is already too late.

And how do we find the deer now?

What you really need is a method that recognizes trends at an early stage and enables you to act strategically at a time that is much earlier, the entire market.

With our digital trend scouting, we have developed a method that actively supports you in planning, implementing and deriving the results of the trend analysis to make your company fit for the future.

We enable you to act faster on the market than your competitors, regardless of whether it is about new products, campaign design, content production, search engine marketing and optimization, media strategy , digital strategy or sustainability .

And how does that work now?

Trends have patterns and therefore make machine learning possible through artificial intelligence. The tools used in our method work with a confidence level of 85% in the 18-month trend forecast.

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