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How will e-commerce and trade change in Germany and the USA? What influence does Corona have on your markets and products? How reliable are your old predictions, concepts, and strategies? Our artificial intelligence Pythia provides you with a data-based prediction of relevant terms and topics based on Google search behavior. Dare to take a look into the future with us.

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Dr. Severin

Our first case was created from our own beauty brand. We tracked the generic terms beauty, routine and vitamins. We discovered that there is a high demand from customers for a vitamin C serum - preferably one that can be used daily. So we produced exactly that and still sell it excellently today - even before all the other serums were produced and gave us a clear competitive advantage.


We diagnosed the trend "CBD" (CBD oil) for Rossmann very early on and were able to prove this trend mathematically. The absolute search queries went through the roof at a very early stage. Rossmann was able to put the oils on the shelf even before the main competitor - today it is the best selling product. With a price of 28,99€ it is also one of the most expensive products in the drugstore - at the same time one of the ones with the highest margin. This is where we ultimately advise the entire Group: Which products should be advertised in the coming months? Which ingredients, brands and themes are missing on the shelves? Which people should be used to advertise your products?


Foxybox is a very exciting competitor to Glossybox. Tracking for the Startup and we forecast "young" cosmetic brands and relatively unknown influencers. Which brands are trendy right now, on which one should build his company? And which young influencer will experience the greatest hype in the next 18 months? Our forecasts regarding the brand name Foxyboy are increasing from month to month - as of this week we have reached our highest ever "trend score" of 10. The success speaks for the company and for our predictions.

Manufacturer of natural cosmetics

For a natural cosmetics manufacturer we compared the spellings of turmeric and curcuma in absolute numbers and looked at the predictions. Result: Turmeric has a search volume that exceeds curcuma by 75% and will continue to be the more popular spelling. 5th Case - Manufacturer of cough sweets For a manufacturer of cough sweets, we discovered that irritable coughs are a particular problem for people. It seemed to be more of a psychological effect to the customer and to us - how does the cough differ from a dry cough? However, since all people seemed to have a chesty cough during this period, we recommended our customer to rename his existing cough sweets. With the "Reizhusten-Variante" our customer increased his sales figures about three times.